our history

Once upon a time, about 3 decades ago, it all started in 1992.

When our erp story started.

After being active in “automation” at the major computer suppliers from 1965, the first Kaya company was founded in 1992. Initially focused on Artificial Intelligence solutions, but soon after the focus changed to administrative solutions.

Developing our own erp system.

In1996 we built a full ERP for the Retail Fashion companies with the Detis package. A modern solution in which, in addition to the administration, a supply chain management solution, customer administration and personnel administration and planning were also a part of the solution. This solution was used by much larger retail chains and was eventually sold to a larger international retailer of Retail solutions to complete its portfolio.

Opening office in The Netherlands.

Kaya became active in 2000 as a supplier of ERP expertise and have implemented various ERP systems at larger companies and governments. It started with Oracle solutions, later also SAP and eventually Microsoft solutions. And we opened our office at the Markt in Tiel.

Opening another office in Malta.

In the following 10 years we have helped various customers with various ERP systems to implement these systems. We received a lot of attention due to our working method, which not only resulted in various national and international recognitions. Because we did international projects, we opened our first foreign office in Malta in 2012, which was soon followed by an office in Turkey.

Time to start something new.

Now 2022 another important step has been taken and Kaya will divest its Microsoft ERP branch and continue as an "ERP lab" with which we offer services for various ERP systems. Erplab no longer wants to focus on the implementation of an ERP system, but on the integration of ERP systems with other business process supporting systems. Not only do we build the digital transformation to do this, we also build the localization that belongs to this industry so that your systems comply with the laws and regulations of the country in which you operate.